Monday, November 21, 2005

Is Mike Hatch setting a bad example?

The following is a quote from Ron Jerich, a former firend of Attorney General Mike Hatch. It appeared in today's Star Tribune.

"Mike's eyes lit up," Jerich says. "I couldn't understand his interest. He knew I raised money for both political parties, and Eibensteiner's letter was a simple thank you." Jerich thought nothing more about the letter until later that evening, when he searched all over but couldn't find it. It wasn't until months later, Jerich says, when Hatch publicly admitted taking the letter, that "it dawned on me that Mike had taken the letter when I wasn't looking." (Source: Star Tribune, Nov. 21, 2005)


Now I'm no legal scholar, but I think that evidence collection is up to the police. Maybe Mike Hatch should try out for the next C.S.I. series.


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