Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Chuck Schumer: Still Hot on Bryd

What is with it with this guy?

It might just be me, but even if I was a Democrat, I wouldn't go around talking up a former KKK member turned United States Senator.

From the DSCC today:


I cannot thank you enough.

For the past week, Senate Democrats have been asking for your help to beat the DSCC's goal of raising $365,000 by November 7. That day marked exactly 365 days before the 2006 elections and our next chance to change the balance of power in Washington by taking back the Senate.

Once again, you have come through, raising $370,580.94 and exceeding the fundraising goals we set. You have shown our opponents that they are up against a formidable force in the DSCC.

Thank you so much.

You know that Senate Democrats are the absolute last line of defense for the America we know and love. We are all that stands in the way of the hard right agenda endorsed by George Bush and the rubber-stamp Republicans in Congress. You know that the best way you can stop this extremist ideology is to support the DSCC and our campaign to take back the Senate.

And, after yesterday's gubernatorial elections, we have the momentum. Not only did Jon Corzine retain the governorship in New Jersey, but Tim Kaine won a hard fought election in Virginia, one of the most "red" states in the Union. These results show that the political tide is turning our way, but there's still plenty of work to be done over the next year.

Your support is crucial to our success. Thanks to you, we are ready to defend the seats held by Democratic stalwarts like Sen. Robert Byrd in West Virginia and Sen. Maria Cantwell in Washington. We are ready to elect impressive Democratic challengers like Bob Casey in Pennsylvania or Claire McCaskill in Missouri.

I also want to say thank you to Sen. Ron Wyden who generously agreed to match dollar for dollar every contribution we received during our online fundraising drive. His generosity literally doubled the impact of your contributions. Ron Wyden is a great Democratic Senator and now, thanks to him and to you, we're in prime position to elect even more Democrats in 2006.

We'll use the contributions you made over the last 10 days to take our campaign directly to the most vulnerable Republican incumbents. We are hiring the best staff and developing the most advanced media and grassroots strategy our party has ever seen. Every dollar you contribute will be targeted precisely to the candidates that need it most. Your DSCC is going to make you proud.

One year from now, I'm certain that I'll be writing again to say thank you - thank you for being part of our winning campaign to take back the Senate.

Charles Schumer


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