Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Zogby's latest gaffe

Pollster extraordinaire John Zogby just released his Septmeber polls, featuting Minnesota’s own Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Rep. Mark Kennedy and their respective challengers.

Governor Numbers

Hatch 48.6%

Pawlenty 45.2%


Ciresi 47.9%

Pawlenty 45.6%


Pawlenty 45.3%

Philbrook 39.4%


Senate Numbers

Klobuchar 49%

Kennedy 42.9%


Wetterling 48.1%

Kennedy 44.9%


Kennedy 45.3%

Bell 42.6%
(Source: Wall Street Journal Online, Oct. 4, 2005)

Wait a minute! This is the same Zogby that declared at 5:00 pm EST on November 2nd that Kerry would defeat Bush in the Electoral College! The man who bet his entire reputation on a long shot, and now has little credibility left because of his gamble.

To show how little Zogby and his cohorts know, let’s analyze the gubernatorial race. First off, Zogby ignored the Independent candidates, whom have historically done well in Minnesota, most notably former Gov. Jesse Ventura. Second of all, he listed Mike Ciresi as a potential gubernatorial candidate. Where did he get this crazy idea, Politics1? Any political novice knows that Ciresi has been eyeing the US Senate since Dayton beat him in the DFL primary in 2000.

If Zogby’s reputation has been tarnished by his Kerry bet, he can always go to work for the Minnesota Poll.

UPDATE: MDE and KvM both opine on the poll here and here respectively.


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