Wednesday, October 12, 2005

You read it here first

Unless of course you read the Argus Leader, MN Lefty Liberal, or MDE.

Hatch tells writer he’ll run for governor
Rachel Stassen-Berger

Is he or isn't he?

Democratic Attorney General Mike Hatch, long assumed to be planning a run for governor next year, told a columnist for the Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus Leader that he will make his 2006 run official Oct. 24, according to a story published Tuesday.

But Hatch's spokeswoman said he will simply declare his "intentions for his political future" then — not necessarily officially declare he is running for governor.

Hatch has been publicly coy about whether he would run for governor or try for his third term as attorney general. At the same time, Hatch has seemed to be working to build support for a gubernatorial campaign.

According to the Argus Leader column, Hatch said he "plans to announce Oct. 24 that he will seek the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party nomination for governor."

David Kranz, the columnist who interviewed Hatch last week, said the attorney general mentioned the date of the announcement and then "he said, 'Whoops! I hadn't told anybody that, but I guess I let it out of the bag.' "

But Tuesday Hatch's spokeswoman said the announcement piece is only partly true.

"He is making an announcement Oct. 24. That is correct," spokeswoman Leslie Sandberg said. She would not say if those "intentions for his political future" include a run for governor.

She also said he plans to send a letter to about 5,000 supporters about those intentions next week.

Many folks in political circles have been gearing up for a race with Hatch on one side and Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty on the other.

The two have often clashed since Pawlenty took office in 2003. At one point, Hatch accused Pawlenty of deputizing his chief of staff to "gnaw on my toes at two news conferences and then proclaim the offer of a truce."

Publicly, Pawlenty has been more diplomatic in his statements, but he has said Hatch's motives may be questionable because Hatch has his sights set on ousting Pawlenty.
(Source: Pioneer Press, Oct. 12, 2005)

Check back either here or at MDE for the letter Hatch sends to his supporters, as I am sure one of us will get our hands on it.


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