Sunday, October 16, 2005

Thank God

From Drudge:

Sun Oct 16 2005 13:47:58 ET

New York – Don’t call her the Second Lady. The Vice President’s wife keeps a high profile of her own, as an author of books on U.S. history. Her latest, A Time for Freedom, is a timeline of American history. She sat down with TIME White House correspondent Matthew Cooper at the vice-presidential mansion to discuss her newest work, her husband’s health and why she likes Geena Davis.

Asked about Bob Woodward saying that the Vice President would be the Republican presidential nominee in 2008, she says that’s “Wrong, but interesting.”

She said she’s watched Commander in Chief starring Geena Davis: “Yeah, I watched it last night. Oh, if you worked inside [the White House], you always watch them and think, “Well, it’s not like that.” Part of the enjoyment comes from that, and on the whole it’s a very well done show. She’s got a very commanding air about her.”

Asked what we will say about freedoms that were not yet granted in this era, she says: “You know, we haven’t done enough yet to bring African Americans and women fully into power—though women certainly have come very close. When you think of things like the achievement gap in education that separates African-American youngsters from white youngsters, you know we haven’t done enough yet. When you look at the difference in life-spans, you know we haven’t done enough yet. When you look at income differentials, you know that we need to do more on education, so that we can have a society in which we can say that all people are created equal and really mean it.”

Asked if we have seen the last Cheney running for office, especially considering how public minded her daughters are, she says: “I think they would all be great—and I’m including my granddaughters and my grandson. It’s hard to know where his inclination is. He’s 16 months old.”


(Source: Drudge Report, Oct. 16, 2005)


At 12:04 PM, Blogger Toby said...

I wonder if Scooter Libby set up the meeting between Lynne and Matt Cooper...


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