Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Republicans React: Entenza

Minnesota Republican Party Chairman Ron Carey responds to Matt Entenza throwing his hat into the ring for AG:

Republican Party of Minnesota Chairman Ron Carey today responded to Matt Entenza's entry into the Attorney General’s race:

"Last year Matt Entenza tried to buy the Minnesota House of Representatives with a $300,000 donation to the 21st Century Democrats. This shadowy group was penalized with a record fine of over $300,000 from the state Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board.

"This year Matt Entenza is trying to buy the Minnesota Attorney General's Office in spite of an ongoing FEC investigation into the illegal activities of the 21st Century Democrats.

"In addition, Entenza's voting record and leadership of House Democrats is extremely liberal and out of touch with mainstream Minnesotans.

"Matt Entenza needs to come clean today and answer some serious questions. Every Minnesotan deserves to know answers to the following questions:

1.) Will Matt Entenza abide by state spending limits?
2.) What is the precise nature of Matt Entenza's relationship with the 21st Century Democrats?
3.) How did DFL House candidates backed by the 21st Century Democrats benefit from this involvement in their campaigns?
4. )What role will 21st Century Democrats play in Matt Entenza's Attorney General campaign?
(Source: MNGOP Press Release, Oct. 26, 2005)


At 1:46 PM, Blogger MCKAY said...

If I could change any thing I would change that we would have 3 days off of school & only 4 days of school.

At 1:48 PM, Blogger MCKAY said...

Mrs.Gentile do we need our books on thursday?

At 8:14 AM, Blogger StPaul_DFLer said...

Entenza, hasn't been indicted for anything or found guilty or cheating. Who has you ask?
Governor Pawlenty holds the record for the biggest fine in state history for cheating on campaign finance rules.
Fmr Republican Party Chair Ron Ebinsteiner was indicted and found guilty of cheating.
Tim Commers, Pawlenty's Treasurer and former Commerce Commissioner steps down under the threat of indictments and an investigation (which tied in pawlenty and awada to a sleazy telemarketing business).

Don't get me started on the natinonal Republicans.

At 9:37 PM, Blogger R-Five said...

Question 5: What role would an Attorney General Entenza play in subverting the investigation of 21st Century Democrats and their major contributors?

At 7:40 AM, Blogger StPaul_DFLer said...

That would be the campaign finance board and a special attorney at their request.
So, lets slow down, who's been charged with what?

You know there is a 4000 dollar limit on what you can give to the Presidential campaign. Bush had Rangers and Cowboys who gave $50,000 a piece (many of them went on to enjoy administration jobs on the public dole). How do you square that?

Matt followed the rules, just like many big donors and finance committees. One slip of those rules, can get you indicted. Tom Delay and Ron Ebinstiener can testify (literally) to this.

At 7:50 AM, Blogger lloydletta said...

There was a rumor posted at the Pollytick blog that Bachmann was thinking of throwing her hat into the AG race. A commenter on that blog said that this rumor was being propegated by the Krinkie campaign.

I posted about this on the Dump Bachmann blog, and a commenter said "Choosing between Bachmann and Entenza is like choosing between syphilis and gonorrhea."


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