Tuesday, October 11, 2005

More trouble for Vikes

Not political, but very interesting. From KARE 11:

Local cruise boat company upset over Vikings cruise

The Hennepin County Sheriff's office is investigating reports that a party on a pair of cruise boats, arranged by a Minnesota Vikings player, included nudity, lewd behavior and sex acts.

While a prominent Viking reportedly organized the cruise, KARE 11 is not naming names because no one has been charged with a crime and the Viking in question was not available for comment.

The Sheriff's Office acknowledges detectives are actively investigating what they call a case of possible disorderly conduct on Lake Minnetonka.

A lawyer for Al and Alma's, a company that charters cruises on the lake, confirmed a Vikings player set up the party that took place on two boats last Thursday night."

There was some physical contact," Stephen Doyle said, "some sexual contact that was troubling to one or more of the crew members."

Doyle says it is not unusual for Al and Alma's to get calls from athletes, who often use the boats for private events with food and alcohol. But he says no one should expect the boats to be available for a sex party.

The party Thursday night was described as an event with Vikings players and a number of women who were naked and involved in sex acts.

"Apparently more happened than expected," Doyle said. "(Al and Alma's) received a call from one or both captains reporting that - and immediately ordered the boats to return."

Doyle said Al and Alma's decided to end the party early when women working as servers on the boats complained. The boats came back to shore after just an hour and a half on the lake.

"Al and Alma's is really a pretty class operation," Doyle said. "It doesn't matter who it would be - blatant sexual behavior on those cruises on the lake is simply unacceptable."

It was not clear Monday night if Al and Alma's is a target of the investigation, nor is it clear if any crimes were committed. KARE 11 is not aware of anyone claiming to have been assaulted on the boats.

The incident would appear to be a question of whether the employees on the boats should have been exposed to what they saw.

The Vikings have no comment. A spokesman said he was not aware of the incident.
By Scott Goldberg, KARE 11 News
(Source: KARE 11, Oct. 11, 2005)


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