Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Hill: Dayton a failure

From The Hill:
An enigma because he failed to take advantage of the Wellstone legacy and his own famous name and personal wealth to bolster his chances for reelection in 2006. Worse yet, he alienated some fellow Democrats by not giving them advance notice of his decision not to seek a second term and opened himself to ridicule by closing his Russell Building office last fall because of an undisclosed security threat.

“He never made his mark,” said a Minnesota Democratic congressional aide who asked to remain anonymous. “He was a guy who never took advantage of the power of incumbency.”

As a result, the youthful-looking 58-year-old department-store heir has become the lamest of the Senate’s five lame ducks, while faced with trying to make the most of his remaining 16 months in the Senate as a very junior member of the minority party.
(Source: The Hill, Oct. 6, 2005)



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