Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sturdevant needs to ditch the time machine

This article may be a little old, but reading Lori Sturdevant’s columns aren’t exactly high on my list of things to do.

Minnesota can be a major player in the global economy. Education is the key. A world-class research university is essential. Add talent-attracting amenities -- parks, trails, museums, sports facilities. State government should help business provide jobs, with training and incentives to put them outstate.

Twenty years ago, the governor who hammered at those themes -- Rudy Perpich -- was called goofy. In retrospect, call him visionary.

(Source: Star Tribune, September 18, 2005)

Fifteen years ago, to paraphrase Leon Oistad and David Hoium, the people of Minnesota were presented with a choice: Perpich or a child molester. And the people were saying didn’t know. Meanwhile, Perpich was flying around the state waving copies of Grunseth’s divorce records (Source: Hoium, Dave; Oistad, Leon, There is No November). I’d hardly call that visionary.

Perpich by far wasn’t the worst governor ever; Jesse will forever own that title. But he wasn’t the popular hero Sturdevant makes him out to be. After all, in 1990, he lost to a man who campaigned for barely three weeks.


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