Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Pawlenty ahead of the curve on energy independence

From the Daily Globe:

Bold initiatives to help aid the agricultural economy and ease America’s dependence on foreign oil make good political strategy in today’s climate, so we are encouraged at two items in the news today. The efforts of Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty to challenge other U.S. governors to push ethanol is a positive sign. So, too, is word out of Iowa that Republicans see increasing renewable fuels as a top 2006 legislative priority.

Republicans in Iowa want to increase the consumption of ethanol, or so they say, and there should be no reason Democrats can’t work across the aisle to develop a bipartisan consensus. Already in Iowa, more than 70 percent of gasoline includes a 10 percent ethanol blend, and proposals keep popping up to require that all gas sold in the state be blended with ethanol.

Meanwhile, Pawlenty told the nation’s governors at the Governors’ Ethanol Coalition national conference on Monday that mandating a 10 percent ethanol mix by 2010 would be a good idea. Pawlenty threw out the usual catch phrases, saying it would reduce dependence on foreign oil, improve national security and improve air quality while strengthening rural economies.

Not all the experts, and certainly not all the fuel industry leaders, are jumping on the ethanol bandwagon. But it’s good to know that the governor of Minnesota — who understands ethanol’s benefit to the farm economy — is willing to trumpet the success of Minnesota’s 10 percent mandate. Certainly, politicians from all persuasions in Iowa should also encourage this profitable market, which benefits not only farmers but all of us.
(Source: Worthington Daily Globe, Sept. 28, 2005)

UPDATE: Pawlenty gets E85 SUV.


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