Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Kerry, Katrina, and calamari

From the Washington Times:

Congressional critics of George W. Bush's initial response to Hurricane Katrina were eager to turn on their TV sets during prime time on Thursday when the president, addressing the nation from Jackson Square in New Orleans, delivered arguably one of the most important speeches of his presidency.

At the same time, hundreds of miles away in Washington, 2004 Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry arrived at a crowded Cafe Milano in Georgetown, took off his suitcoat, and sat down to a shirt-sleeve dinner with three unidentified men.

"The senator arrived at Cafe Milano about 7:30," a network news executive in Washington, who was seated nearby, tells Inside the Beltway. "Senator Kerry's dinner lasted through the president's speech -- and due to his positioning at the table his back was to the bar television throughout the entire speech. He never turned around once during the address."

Mr. Bush's speech ended at approximately 9:25 p.m. local time. Lo and behold, when he was still seated at the table wiping squid from his chin, Mr. Kerry responded to the president's address with a statement of his own, issued at exactly 9:54 p.m.

"Leadership isn't a speech or a toll-free number," began the senator. "Leadership is getting the job done. No American doubts that New Orleans will rise again, they doubt the competence and commitment of this administration. Weeks after Katrina, Americans want an end to politics as usual that leaves them dangerously and unforgivably unprepared. Americans want to know that their government will be there when it counts with leadership that keeps them safe, not speeches in the aftermath to explain away the inexcusable."
(Source: Washington Times, Sept. 27, 2005)

Sen. Kerry, is leadership eating calamari at a posh restaurant while others are suffering?


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