Wednesday, September 07, 2005

DFL Dream Team

Being more than a year away from Election Day 2006, we Republicans really have no idea who our Republican candidates will be facing. Sure, many of us can make educated guesses, but with Mike Ciresi and Mike Hatch lurking in the shadows, unable or unwilling to formally announce any decision, everything is up for grabs. What combination of candidates will give our team the greatest chance at victory? Here’s the DFL ticket that is sure to keep the liberal base at home where they belong:

  • Mike Hatch, Governor. Reason: By constantly running against the endorsed candidate in primaries, Hatch has pissed off many of the party faithful.
  • Kelly Doran, US Senate. Reason: He’s nothing more than a corporate millionaire-Democrat. Although he will be competitive in greater Minnesota, look for Twin Cities liberals to look for a more progressive candidate in the general election. The few DFL friends I have see Doran as an “opportunistic Republican,” a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • Auditor and Secretary of State: Face it; these races don’t inspire the average activist to turn out.
  • Coleen Rowley, Congress CD2. Reason: Putting Rowley’s extremist positions aside, the Rowley machine seems to be running on empty a year before the election.
  • Scottie Mortenson, Congress CD6. Reason: He’s the Dennis Kucinich of the 6th District.

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