Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ruling highlights

Here are a few highlights from the ruling on Mike Hatch's folly of a case:

Page 7:

"At the end of the trial, the State implicitly conceded in its closing argument either that much of its case dissolved, or that the it [sic] had decided to rove a different theory of wrongdoing than the one it has alleged in its amended complaint, opening brief, and the evidence presented in trial."

Page 10:

"On the one hand the State concedes that the board consists of good people who did a good job. On the other hand, the State argues that they are deceitful and engaged in self dealing."

Page 11-12:
"Despite the fiery rhetoric in this trial about a 'hijacked board' and a 'stolen election,' when the smoke cleared, the rhetoric could not obscure the six central conclusions which emerged inescapably from the evidence at the trial."

An inconsistant message, doublespeak, and rhetoric, and this man thinks he can be Governor? Fat chance.


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