Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ode to Capitol Lounge, a haiku

This was sent to me by a loyal RM reader.

No Miller Lite here
One Last Cap Lounge hangover
Tears in the toilet.

Foccacia Buns
Exposed wires and taco juice
I'll name my daughter Amber.

He plays Journey
She pukes in ghetto bathroom
They smoke in vinyl booths.

He sinks the eight ball
He becomes belligerent
He slurs his speech.

One more for Simon
My short Irish Bartender
My beer tastes like tears.

Hawk and Dove, you suck
Tortilla Coast, Bullfeathers
Just not the same bar.

Wanna do a shot?
I said to Nixon poster
Oh man, I'm that drunk.

All crooked pool cues
Do you have work tommorrow?
Big Amber headache.

Taco Night or Wings
Where did all my cigs get to?
Cat slept in my mouth?

My sentiments exactly.


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