Monday, August 08, 2005

Mike Hatch on abortion poll

Here's this week's RM poll, Mike Hatch on abortion.

When Mike Hatch runs for governor for a third time, what will his view on abortion be?
Pro-life (again)
Pro-choice (again)
A completely new position meant to confuse the voters

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UPDATE: I realize that the background on Hatch's abortion record was not available. Please excuse this mistake and look at MN Lefty Liberal's post:

DFL Legislator Calls Mike Hatch's Record on Abortion "Questionable"

So as I said in my prior post, I was going to do some research to find out if the information I have is true.

I assumed it was when some decided to tell me to "rot in hell" for it. Had I been wrong, they would have told me off for that instead.

Anyway, I was on Google looking up all sorts of stuff and found this statement from Rep. Tom Huntley (DFL-Duluth) in the Mesabi Daily News from May 17th, 2003:
"His record on abortion is questionable," Huntley said. "He's been on both sides of the issue."

When Hatch ran for governor in 1990 against former DFL governor and Range native Rudy Perpich, the attorney general ran on an abortion-rights platform.

Then he ran again in 1994 with an endorsement from Minnesota citizens Concerned for Life and an anti-abortion position.
I am a DFLer. I am a Democrat. I believe in a women's right to choose.

So if I must "rot in hell" because I will not blindly vote for a man who flip flops on abortion, then I will gladly do so.
(Source: MN Lefty Liberal)

Hope this clears things up. Happy voting.


At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get into push-polling...

At 9:37 AM, Blogger Republican Minnesota said...

Push polling is amost as scientific as online polling, but I'll stick with this...for now.


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