Thursday, August 04, 2005

Liberals boo Nick Coleman

From today’s Star Tribune:

A thumb, not a finger

When I read Nick Coleman's Aug. 3 column ("Presidential 'salute' demeans us all"), I was hoping it was true. I have no doubt of President Bush's contempt for the press; the fact that he has lied over and over to the press, and thus the American people, ever since he took office demonstrates that fact. Video of the commander in chief flipping the bird would simply offer visual proof of what we already know to be true.

However, I too saw the video, and it is pretty clear to me that the president gave the thumbs up and not the bird. If you watch the rotation of his hand you can see he is clearly pointing his thumb up and not his middle finger.

The only problem we have now is that if Coleman is wrong, as I think he is, he has unfortunately created more fodder for the neocons to use against the so-called "knee-jerk" liberal media. Thumbs down for Nick on this blunder.

Katy Daniels, Minneapolis.

Katy brings up a good point, Nick Coleman can’t see very well. This may be a result of being an old fart that lives in the shadow of his father and brother.

UPDATE: I would like to give a big thumbs up to Nick Coleman.


At 7:21 AM, Blogger homerjsimpson said...

It ain't no Thumb Flanders, maybe the pointer finger... to some donuts...mmm..... donuts.... but not Tom Thumb...mmm... more donuts....


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