Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The intolerant left

Who the hell does RFK Jr. think he is? The guy blames Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour for Hurricane Katrina.

Now we are all learning what it’s like to reap the whirlwind of fossil fuel dependence which Barbour and his cronies have encouraged. Our destructive addiction has given us a catastrophic war in the Middle East and--now--Katrina is giving our nation a glimpse of the climate chaos we are bequeathing our children.

In 1998, Republican icon Pat Robertson warned that hurricanes were likely to hit communities that offended God. Perhaps it was Barbour’s memo [on globalwarming] that caused Katrina, at the last moment, to spare New Orleans and save its worst flailings for the Mississippi coast.

(Source: Huffington Post)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. should apologize not only to Gov. Barbour, but to all the victims of Hurricane Katrina. I will be sending a check to the Red Cross, and I pray that Mr. Kennedy does as well.

The thoughts and prayers of RM are with the victims of Hurrican Katrina. For information on how you can help, please click here.


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