Wednesday, August 03, 2005

In the DFL, machismo is the name of the game

Mike “F-ing” Hatch’s use of a “double expletive” to describe Marianne Short of Medica reminds me of a story of another DFL elite.

Back in 2004, Rep. Tom Rukavina, before his drunk driving arrest, told Minnesota Law & Politics what he would like to do with State Auditor Pat Anderson. "I wanted to slap her around a bit for what she's done up here," said Rukavina (Source: Associated Press, April 15, 2004).

The DFL, which paints themselves as the party of tolerance and acceptance sure seems to have a few sexist party big wigs. Unlike the DFLers, Republicans would never tolerate this blatant disrespect of women from our elected officials.

However, this latest Mike “F-ing” Hatch gaffe does give us insight into how his daughters turned out the way they are: they learned their manner from their dad.


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