Thursday, August 11, 2005

Depends on what your definition of "never" is

Mike "F-ing" Hatch on running for office in 1999.

Earlier in Hatch's career, it would have been easy to dismiss such heated rhetoric as glib grandstanding from an ambitious pol. But according to many of those who know him, he has been profoundly affected by his experience in private practice. Enduring the crucible of his own self-doubts to defend people desperate for care has both "mellowed" him (the word most commonly used by friends to describe how he has changed) and deepened his populist instincts. "This is the end of the road," he insists. "I am never running for another job. My role is to make sure that as the great people pontificate, real people don't get hurt."
(Source: City Pages, 1999)

Just waiting for more broken promises from the AG.


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