Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ciresi in?

In a sign that the DFL Senate field just isn’t big enough yet, trial lawyer Mike Ciresi is considering getting into the race.

The field may not yet be complete. Lawyer Mike Ciresi, who led the state to its big financial settlement over tobacco companies and who nearly won DFL endorsement in 2000, appears to be waiting offstage.

A Senate candidacy "remains of great interest to me, and I'll be making my decision very shortly," Ciresi said last week, declining to comment further.
(Source: "State senate hopefuls already on the move," Star Tribune, August 21, 2005)

In a field of without the proverbial "800 pound gorilla", this could be what the DFL needs: another pathetic cast member in The Mark Dayton Wannabes, now playing at a DFL steak fry near you.


At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As opposed to the pathetic field of the Mark Kennedy Wannabes in MN-06?

Well... they aren't all pathetic because Michele Bachman is HOT! Grrrrrrrowl! Damn, she puts deer-in-headlights-Kennedy to shame! Ooh, the times I'd have with MB. Does she swing? Man, her and another lady, ooooh, gives me the shivers!

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's been on the fence for the past 6 months. They talked to him about it and he said the same thing he's always said. Ciresi will never be the gorrilla. Do you know nothing about DFL politics? He's just a rich guy that wasn't as quite as good as Dayton in buying the senate seat. If Ciresi gets in, it'll be a fight between Doran and Ciresi to see who can try to buy the election. Klobuchar is the real heavy hitter, you'll see.


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