Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Where's Mike Hatch?

Is he in? Is he out? What are the activists saying?

It has been more than seven months since Attorney General Mike Hatch sent a letter to DFL activists asking their advice on his political future. Here are some highlights from an article on the letter.

Attorney General Mike Hatch, the top Democrat in state office, is subtly asking party activists whether he should run for governor in 2006 in a letter sharply criticizing Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty's leadership.

The letter, obtained Wednesday by The Associated Press, began arriving in mailboxes of the DFL faithful in late December. Hatch said in an interview he hasn't made up his mind about whether to challenge Pawlenty, who is widely expected to seek a second four-year term.

But Hatch's letter does more than his public comments to stoke the possibility.

"This will be the most important letter I will write in the 2006 campaign," Hatch begins. "Your response to it will tell me what course I should take."

A Duluth native, he ran for governor in 1990, waging a losing primary battle to sitting DFL Gov. Rudy Perpich. He tried again four years later, that time losing in a primary to state Sen. John Marty.

(Source: “Hatch asks democrats advice on political future,” Associated Press, January 5, 2005)

Seeing that we haven’t seen a campaign announcement from Hatch yet, the DFL rank and file must not have given him the answer he wanted. That’s not all too surprising either, seeing that Hatch challenged both sitting governor Rudy Perpich and State Sen. John Mary in separate gubernatorial primaries. If the DFL activists are anything like the Republican activists when it comes down to loyalty, there very well could be a very pissed off base telling Hatch “no.”

Look no further than MN Lefty Liberal, where my favorite liberal blogger, Trillin, has no love for the Attorney General.

Mike on the other hand can’t decide if he is running for Governor, or not. Maybe he is, but then again, he said he wasn’t. But who ever pays attention to one’s public comments these days anyway.

And besides, it is not like he ever flipped flopped before…right?

I mean…come on, not Mike Hatch.

And then a friend told me a story. It was full of laughs, and tears, and betrayal. It was full of lies, and jelly backbones.

It was a story about Mike Hatch.

Now, I wasn’t in Minnesota when this happened, so please, please PLEASE tell me if this is wrong. Cause honestly, I am hoping it is. (Then again, this is a friend who doesn’t usually lie about the big stuff, and this is BIG)

We all know that Mike Hatch has run for Governor before. Twice.

Apparently, and I know this might not be “news” to any of you, the 1st time he ran, he ran as a pro-choice candidate.
The second time he ran however, he ran as a pro-life candidate and was endorsed by MCCL.

Wow, Mike Hatch a tool? Hmm…I can almost see ads airing for the DFL primary now. More to the point, Hatch has taken both sides of the abortion debate. Say what you want about John Kerry, at least he never flip flopped on such a controversial issue so important to the Minnesota electorate.

No wonder Mike Hatch hasn’t announced yet, after pissing off the delegate base of the DFL, one can’t help but question Hatch’s viability as a candidate. Seriously, how many times can you run for governor before the Star Tribune labels you as a “perennial candidate.”

The bottom line is that Hatch hasn’t announced his candidacy yet because he lacks the support of the DFL faithful, making it pretty hard to go anywhere but down.


At 4:14 PM, Anonymous dan hoppe said...

the only guy in that list in the upper right hand corner who isn't a complete scumbag is ramstad.
gil i'm voting for the impeachment because tom delay told me to gutnecht or tim it ain't a tax it's a fee pawlenty, what a crew of reprobates.

you gonna need some diebold machines to help you on the next election.
if it worked for bush it will work for you.

At 4:26 PM, Blogger Republican Minnesota said...

Your incoherent statement amuses me. You’re funny. Maybe you should try punctuation.

At 10:58 PM, Blogger beer234 said...

I gotta think that the daughters legal problems didn't help his cause within the DFL or even outside the DFL IE: Republicans for his run for governor.

Beers Blog

At 8:35 PM, Blogger Republican Minnesota said...

I suspect that everyone within the DFL has an opinion of Mike Hatch, and the verdict didn't change that.

The verdict can be read by Hatch as less of a liability than what it could have been.


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