Sunday, July 24, 2005

Support the Pledge campaign

I invite all Minnesota bloggers who want care about keeping the 6th District a conservative stronghold to post this image on their sites.

Below you will find a draft version of the pledgeI would like to have someone present to the 6th District board of directors:

We, the Republican candidates for the 6th Congressional seat, hereby promise not to challenge, in a primary, the candidate amongst us who is endorsed at the 2006 6th Congressional District Convention.


Rep. Jim Knoblach


Sen. Michele Bachmann


Rep. Phil Krinkie


Dr. Cheri Yecke


Maj. Jay Esmay (Ret.)

If anyone more talented with graphics or experience in "legalese," please let me know.

In the meantime, feel free to contact the following individuals in charge of the 6th Congressional District Republicans:

Sen. Brian LeClair, State Vice Chair for CD 6

Dan Nygaard, CD6 Co-Chair

Jeff Johnson, CD6 Co-Chair


At 7:05 PM, Anonymous said...

I am a Scot born and bred in the highlands of Scotland. I have lived in this country for many years and now I am a citizen. I am also a republican, and I stand behind the brave young men and women who are fighting in Irac. Those who are against the war should keep their mouths closed and support the young ones. I remember Veit Nam and I also remember the terrable treatment the service men received in this country was a terrable disgrace.America is a powerful country and all the small ones that are ruled in terrer look towards America for help and freedom. This is a great country and I am proud to say that some of my ancesters helped to win the freedom. This country has been called every name you can think of but people from all over the world emigrate here can't be as bad as some of the people here call their presedent and this country. WAKE UP AMERICA THIS IS A WONDERFUL COUNTRY. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND ALL WHO SERVE HER.


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