Sunday, July 17, 2005

Steve Kelley is a joke

I can’t believe I missed this in today’s Star Tribune. In this lovely little opine by Lori Sturdevant, State Sen. Steve Kelley was played up to be the modest hero that tried to save the state from the shutdown. Since when did the Star Tribune start printing fiction…oh yeah, never mind. For those of your who don't know this already, Kelley is one of the DFLers that will lose the endorsement to Mike Hatch.

Kelley is hardly out of the gate in the race for governor and he’s already stretching the truth. Below you will find Kelley trying to claim he will spend more on education than Pawlenty.

"What I hope was made clear this session is that this governor is not operating out of a vision of what's good for Minnesota. His vision, if he has one, is that holding down taxes makes Minnesota more successful. Mine is that our investment in education has made Minnesota wealthier. It's what's responsible for the growth we see in this state. I'd put investing in education ahead of holding taxes down."

Contrast that with another part of the article…

Yet Kelley stood to one side, unobtrusive but for his 6-2 height. He let others do the talking. When asked afterward about his reticence, he said he feared that if the group and its ideas were seen as his tool, they would be received with suspicion by Republicans, including his rival in the governor's office.

"I want this to be taken seriously," he said.

It was -- even though its bigger cigarette tax and higher school spending proposals were not the ones the Legislature ultimately passed [than Kelley’s proposal]. Kelley's support for teacher performance pay helped plant that feature in the K-12 bill. (Pawlenty's boast that only he took friendly fire from special interests ignores Kelley's support for performance pay over Education Minnesota resistance.)

(Source: “Pawlenty v. Kelley,” Star Tribune, July 17 2005)

I’m excited for Kelley to hit the campaign trail and tell voters that Pawlenty has been weak on education. Just last week Pawlenty signed into law education reforms that will soon make Minnesota a national leader in education. But Kelley doesn’t care. His solution, as with every metro-centric liberal, is to just throw money the problem.

Steve Kelley. What a joke.


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