Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Prelude to announcement

Part-time Attorney General, and perpetual gubernatorial candidate, Mike Hatch is kicking off the prelude to his campaign announcement by investigating the only business he has yet to sue: Ameriquest.

Ameriquest's sales tactics are the target of a wide-ranging probe by Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch and another dozen or so state attorneys general, according to people familiar with the investigation. Huston and homeowners interviewed by investigators say Hatch is looking at allegations that Ameriquest falsified the income of loan applicants, used inflated appraisals to overstate the value of homes and changed loan terms before closing.
(Source: “Hatch investigating Ameriquest,” Star Tribune, July 27, 2005)

Being one of the more cynical bloggers out there, I see this as Mike Hatch attempting to gain as much media attention running up to his official announcement for his third attempt at governor because we all know Hatch is a camera hog.

Here’s my favorite snippet from the article: “A spokeswoman for Hatch declined to comment on the investigation.”

Ladies and gentlemen, this has to be the first time Hatch or his office has not given a comment when prompted by a reporter. I am shocked. Even the guys in the sports department at the Star Tribune know that Hatch tries to get more attention than a middle child at Christmas.

And for Doug, here’s the link.


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