Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A pledge we can all get behind

As the race for Rep. Mark Kennedy’s seat heats up, a primary battle seems more and more imminent.

We’re lucky to have such a qualified and diverse group of candidates seeking the Republican endorsement. This seat is very important to us, as it will prove that the 6th isn’t a swing district, but solid GOP territory. Nonetheless, it’s imperative that all Republicans get behind a candidate as soon as humanly possible, otherwise known as the 2006 6th Congressional District Convention.

We’re sure to have plenty of close races in 2006, certainly for Governor and US Senate, and we can’t afford to have the 6th District race become a battle-royale in the September primary. It will hurt take resources away from the other races and weaken the GOP-endorsed candidate. That’s why I’m asking all my fellow bloggers to get behind me and urge the 6th District executive board to ask all the candidates to sign a pledge promising to adhere by the delegates' decision.

I’d say this is a pledge we can all get behind, or so I hope…


At 9:24 AM, Blogger Joe Mayo said...

Great idea. I love you tactfully you put it, leaving out Knoblach's name and all.


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