Wednesday, July 27, 2005

More proof Pawlenty is conservative

Last week’s Politics In Minnesota weekly news wrap proudly proclaimed that Gov. Pawlenty is really a "moderate." Unbeknownst to this lowly blogger, Sarah Janecek, Republican lobbyist and wannabe publishing magnate, has known this all along.

At his core, your publishers have always thought Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is a moderate. And his most recent moves appear to make the statement that he is going back to his moderate roots. The over-played card of his term has been the "No New Taxes" Pledge, something that has cost him the staunch support of the always effective Taxpayers League.

In hindsight, his first move to moderate came by triangulating the prescription drug importation issue, against the wishes of Washington and the Bush Administration and trying to take the issue away from the Democrats. Meanwhile, this past session Democrats stuck the pledge to Pawlenty, and many conservative social groups wanted a constitutional amendment / referendum question on gay marriage. The put-gay-marriage-on-the-ballot tactic was a key factor in conservatives turning out in swing states this past presidential year.

Well, this week Pawlenty decided to take away two major issues that conservatives want the most, and that Pawlenty could do something about: another tax pledge and gay marriage as a referendum issue.

(Source: Politics in Minnesota, July 22, 2005)

If you fancy yourself a political insider but still have a favorable image of Janecek, you’re probably very new to the game or a Demoocrat. For the most part, the powers that be humor Janecek, allowing her to think she’s a power broker in the Republican Party here in the Gopher State. In reality, she’s nothing more than a gadfly activist that somehow managed to gain a sliver of legitimacy with her newsletter and political directory. Long story short, she’s extremely out of touch with Minnesota GOP politics, but doesn’t know it.

Her endorsement is about as valuable as Al Gore’s (remember that his endorsement of Dean had the effect of throwing a wrench in the Dean Machine). Her assessment of Pawlenty’s conservative convictions are way off base because Janecek herself is not a conservative, ahe’s a Republican through and through (for the record, I consider myself a conservative Republican).

For proof of how accurate her opinions are, just look at what happened to her original newsletter last year as blogs gained influence. The newsletter went down faster than [offensive reference deleted]. It turned out the opinion of the average blogger was worth more than what she had to say. Eventually, the newsletter was resurrected, but Janecek should’ve just let her dream die.

So, yes, Pawlenty is conservative because Janecek says he isn't. Any questions?


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