Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Is Ford Bell the new Mark Dayton?

Ford Bell got ripped by MDE for saying that, although he is a millionaire, he can’t afford to put money into his campaign. Now it appears as if millionaire Sen. Mark Dayton can’t afford to continue providing his hard working staff with Diet Coke. From Roll Call:

Let Moderation Be Your Guide
Is a certain soft drink making Sen. Mark
Dayton (D-Minn.) and his staff jittery?

Someone, or many people, in Daytons office are guzzling Diet Coke by the caseload, and HOH is worried. So is Daytons office manager, Kristen Gentile, who sent an e-mail on Tuesday to everyone in the office, including the Senator himself, with the eerie two-word subject line: Diet Coke.

"On Thursday, I bought 18 cases of Diet Coke,” Gentile wrote in an e-mail that an anonymous tipster forwarded to HOH. “We are now down to four which, Im sure you will agree, is ridiculous. After speaking with the front desk staff, its my understanding that it is not constituents drinking the Diet Coke like its going out of style, but staff & interns. I think we can all agree that 168 cans of Diet Coke should have lasted us far longer than two business days!”

The understandable lecture continued, “I realize that its been oppressively hot recently and I certainly understand the impulse to consume fluids, however, there has to be a reasonable limit.”

”For one thing, no one should be drinking so much soda pop. And two, guess whos footing the bill for this expensive little caffeine habit?" Yep, you guessed it.

”Unlike the water supply, which is paid for out of the offices official budget, the Coke is paid for by Mark personally, Gentile wrote. Please, please, please be respectful of his money (and my time & energy) and limit the amount of Coke you consume to a reasonable one or two cans.”

Dayton, the man who drew snickers for his decision to shutter his Senate office last fall and, together with this staff, nervously fled Capitol Hill for fear of a terrorist attack, had no comment on who the Diet Cokehead or Cokeheads may be.

His spokeswoman, Chris Lisi, did not find the e-mail as amusing as HOH did. Usually reporters call me about stories that make sense, she said rather testily when we contacted her. Why are you calling me about Diet Coke?

OK just lay off the Diet Cokes, give us a call back, and well be happy to explain!
(Source: Roll Call¸ July 27, 2005)

Now, if only we knew if Ford Bell was as big of a coward as Sen. Dayton.

UPDATE: MDE has two great posts on this story (they are linked here and....not here...but here). I scooped you MDE, I rule you!


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